Investment Service in Denver

Investment Service in Denver – How to Store Important Documents

You spend time with your financial advisors as they provide a comprehensive investment service in Denver. But every account, each transaction, and all your data create a pile of documents. Some are already electronic, but you are also left with piles of paper. How do you store these important documents? Can you access them easily?…
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Consult with Financial Advisor for Estate Planning

Ask Your Financial Advisor Fiduciary About Estate Planning

Delaying estate planning arrangements causes unnecessary heartache for grieving survivors as they lose their inheritance in probate. Immediately after the death of a loved one, emotions run high. Then inadequate planning invariably leads to confusion and chaos. So, putting your estate in order with your financial advisor fiduciary ensures your assets are passed to your…
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How To Use Technology to Monitor Retirement Accounts

There was a time when you had to place a call to your retirement planning advisor or go into the bank to get information on your retirement savings accounts. You may have had to write formal letters of request to get a financial update. Otherwise, you could just wait until your statement showed up in…
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Financial Advisors in Centennial

Ask Financial Advisors in Centennial – What Is Your Business Worth?

Successful business owners know their business has value. You have a regular paycheck to support you and your family’s lifestyle. Your employees support their families, and your clients love your products. But when asked, do you know what your business is worth? Financial Advisors in Centennial can help you determine your company’s true value. Most…
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Retirement Planning Advisor

Tips from a Retirement Planning Advisor

One thing is for sure. Retirement is far, far away until it is suddenly tomorrow. Time flies and retirement creeps up. Once you get past 50, you can see how important the advice from a retirement planning advisor becomes. Our increasingly volatile world means it’s never too soon to start planning and implementing your plan.…
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Suitable Fiduciary Financial Advisor

How to Find a Fiduciary Financial Advisor Before You Retire

Financial advice can get rather complicated. This guide should unravel some of the issues to help you find a fiduciary financial advisor before you retire. Retirement looms from about the time you turn 50. Suddenly, the road to retirement looks shorter, and there is less room for mistakes. So, that’s the time to get objective…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt – December 2020

Which Party has better Stock Market Performance? With each election, roughly half of our clients are happy about the results and the other half are not. A few weeks ago, we met with a client who was brooding about the election results and we sought to assure him that the party in power has very…
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GreenStar Newsletter Excerpt – November 2020

The Election So that happened. The world still spins and the star-spangled banner still waves. It’s fair to say that the election was a success for the following reasons: Nobody is 100% happy – which is what should happen in a democracy. It had the highest voter participation rate in over 100 years. With the…
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Rebuild Your Finances after Divorce

How to Rebuild Your Finances After Divorce

A divorce crushes more than your emotions. Whether you are near retirement or at the peak of your career, a divorce means it is time to rebuild your finances, too. If you are considering a separation, have already separated, or the divorce is final, now is the critical time to get objective advice from a…
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Measure Investment Performance

How to Measure Investment Performance

It’s hard not to wonder about how your investments perform, objectively. They may “seem good,” or things might “feel slow,” but a truly objective measure works better for peace of mind and future decision-making. For a wealth advisor in Denver, this is a common question. With the recent market volatility, this question comes up even…
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Fee Based Financial Advisor In Centennial

Does Your Investment Advisor in Centennial Recommend Annuitization?

Annuitization is not a concept that comes up very much. It doesn’t make cool cocktail party conversation like stocks and bonds, and it is nowhere near as trendy as cryptocurrency! But your Investment Advisor in Centennial may recommend annuitization, none the less. So, let’s take a look and see. What is annuitization? Two types of…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt – October 2020

Among our goals is to help readers engage with financial news. One way to do this is explain concepts and entities that we all hear about from time to time. This past month, Jerome Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, announced that they would keep interest rates at 0% through 2023. It’s tempting to jump into how…
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Fee Only Financial Advisor In Centennial

What to Do with Your Inheritance

The fairy tale story goes that your rich uncle dies and leaves you an incredible fortune. But it doesn’t have to be all that mysterious. No matter where your inheritance comes from, it can be hard to decide what to do with the money. It may feel like a dream come true at first. But…
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financial advisor cost dtc

Why You Should Know Your Net Worth

Most people don’t begin to focus on their net worth until retirement gets close. But, as an essential indicator of financial health, watching your net worth improve, decline, or stagnate, makes financial decision-making easier. And as you talk to your fee based financial advisor in Centennial, you’ll discover it’s far more challenging to make a…
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Advice from an Investment Advisor in Centennial – Before You Buy an Annuity

Annuities seem like a great idea in these uncertain times for more predictability and financial security. As investments, annuities are unique and have several advantages and disadvantages as compared to other investments. And, as you consult with your investment advisor in Centennial, annuities may be a vital component in your portfolio to add asset protection,…
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Economic Mobility during Our Lifetime

Economic Mobility During Our Lifetime

With only 58 days until the election, we are off to the races. With very few exceptions, the message of every politician running for office can fall into two categories: #1 The best days are behind us, vote for me and I will return us to them #2 The best days are ahead of us, vote for me and I will…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt – September 2020

With only 58 days until the election, we are off to the races. With very few exceptions, the message of every politician running for office can fall into two categories: #1 The best days are behind us, vote for me and I will return us to them #2 The best days are ahead of us, vote for me and I will…
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Income Planning Advisor

Conversations with Aging Parents

Ten thousand Americans have their 65th birthday every day. With healthier lifestyles and the recent advances in modern medicine, people expect to live longer, be healthier and more active. By consulting a retirement income planning advisor in Denver, families work to build wealth over their lifetimes. Then, almost 90% of Americans choose to stay in…
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Wealth Advisor

Life Insurance – Do You Need More Than One Type of Policy?

Life insurance remains a flexible and versatile financial asset. Unfortunately, with many different options, finding the most suitable policy seems complex. It is hard to find a financial vehicle with as many tax advantages, appropriate in as wide a variety of situations, and with such a wide range of premiums. So, you may end up…
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Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Centennial

Estate Planning – Wills Versus Trusts

Estate planning combines financial and legal elements that consider you and your loved ones now and after you die. With so many aspects to deal with, the process can be confusing. Before you meet with your fiduciary financial advisor in Centennial, it is a good idea to at least know what questions to ask. Do…
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Excerpt from August 2020 GreenStar Newsletter. Sign up here. Yesterday (August 4), the price of gold hit an all-time record of $2,031.60 – this is the value of one ounce of gold. For many months we have held gold as a hedge in most of our portfolios. Early in the pandemic, we felt that it…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt on Gold- August 2020

Good morning. We continue to take this crazy year one month at a time. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” The next time you feel that pit in your stomach about these times, remember that it’s just “sea sickness.” Website Update and a Fun Tool Some of you may…
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High-Income Earner Tax Reduction Strategies

Higher-income earners pay a significantly higher percentage of their income to the IRS than lower-wage earners. If your work or assets generate significant income, you could pay up to half of your earnings to the U.S. government. According to the IRS, high-income earners pay almost 70% of the total federal income tax they collect. Fortunately,…
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Retirement Income Planning in Denver

Denver is paradise for retirees. The four seasons offer outdoor options for entertainment for healthy activities all year. Your retirement income planning advisor in Denver sees many dreams of retiring here, but not all of them come true. So, to keep you on the right track, let’s look at a three-step planning process that considers…
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Retirement Planning in Your 50s

As you reach the peak of your career and get closer to retirement in Denver, planning strategies shift. You’ve worked with your retirement income planning advisor over the years, but things change. Your income is higher than it was in your 30s and 40s, you have experience in your field. Your children may be off…
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The Art of Portfolio Management

The lure of the stock market prompts images of luxury vehicles, fancy houses, and big money. Yet mostly investors fall prey to emotional choices. Glamorous buys and selling out of fear give way to useless investments and ongoing stress. Portfolio management is an art. With specific knowledge of the stock market and a solid investment…
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Fee-based Financial Planning in Denver

Working with a Fee-Only Financial Planner – The Pros and Cons

There’s more than one way to get financial advice. But you pay for it one way or another. Here are the pros and cons of working with a fee-only financial planner. And the Alternative to a Fee-Only Financial Planner is…? Your fee-only financial planner earns their compensation for providing services only. There is no commission,…
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Retirement Planning Mysteries

You’ve heard how important retirement planning is. And you know you should really get serious about it. You’ve got a 401k, a savings account and a good job, but you know there’s more to being able to retire comfortably than that. Some retirement planners make income planning for your golden years seem mysterious and complex.…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt- Stock Highlight: Tesla – July 2020

Growing up, many of you may have shared a common envy. As the children and grandchildren of the World War II generation, their life experience seemed vastly more historical, epic, and interesting. Wishing to live in historical times always carries with it The Monkey Paw’s curse, “Oh, you wish to live though history, do you?”…
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GreenStar Monthly Newsletter Excerpt: June 2020

Hello. Each month, we go through the monthly routine of deciding what to share with you. Sometimes, this is a topic of education or commentary. Earlier in the year, we’ve felt the need to distill down some rationality from the pandemic chaos. America is in a dark place. At the beginning of the year, we would have…
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Cuba: Travel Tips (Part 3 of 3)

There are plenty of other websites out there giving you advice on traveling to Cuba. I’ll share my own two bits: Traveling from the United States We found traveling to Cuba to be very easy. It wasn’t noticeably different than any other international flight. We checked into our flight at the computer kiosk at JFK.…
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