Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Great mountains are climbed with a map and a guide. Your financial plan is the map as our Fee Based Financial Advisor in Centennial guides you along your journey. This plan evaluates your current situation by analyzing your assets, income, and expenditures to identify:

•  What is your retirement income picture? •  What actions can you do to pursue your financial goals? •  What are the risks we need to address? Life has so many moving parts. A clear and simple plan can help the pieces of your financial life work together. When things are working together and with a clear picture in mind, it is our hope that clients can face the future with anticipation rather than apprehension. The nature of a financial plan can mean different things to different people. Sometimes folks want to know how much of their savings they can safely spend in retirement. Others have complicated philanthropic and succession goals. Our Fee Only Financial Advisor ,DTC have found that concise simple goals are more likely to be achieved We have found that concise simple goals are more likely to be achieved.We have developed and refined a process that maps out your journey and guides you along the path toward your goals, recalibrating along the way as your life unfolds and your needs evolve. We call this the P.A.T.H. Process. Are you looking for a fee based financial advisor in Centennial? You can choose GreenStar. Our fee only financial advisor DTC services help you achieve your goals fast and sustainably. Our reputation as a fee only financial advisor In Centennial is unparalleled. We evaluate your needs and develop a well-thought-out plan that takes care of your future needs. Our team comprises highly experienced fee only financial advisors who know how to guide you properly.

The P.A.T.H. Process

P.A.T.H. is an acronym for Picture, Analyze, Travel, and Heed. 

Picture – The process starts by creating a picture of where you are now, how you got here, and where you want to go.

Analyze – We then analyze your picture and goals, along with the tools you have to reach them. Through this we design a planning strategy specific to you.
Travel – Next, we take action with the strategy. We begin our journey and travel down the path together.
Heed – Lastly, because life changes, your financial plan must be flexible and change along with it. As time goes on, we take note of the changes and heed dangers along the way.

Through the P.A.T.H. Process we want to engage in a lifelong conversation, always keeping your goals and the important things of life in sight.

A Lifelong Conversation

Financial planning must be an ongoing dynamic process, rather than a one-time presentation and delivery of a stack of paper. Life changes and the goals themselves change. Because of this, financial plans need to be an interactive process that is just as much about sharing expertise as it is about accountability.

A key problem with a traditional financial plan is that the moment you print it out, it becomes more and more out-of-date as time goes on. Financial planning is not in the creation of the plan, but in fixing your eyes on long-term goals and working with a professional fiduciary financial advisor using their experience to help you achieve them.

The Fiduciary Difference

We have found that often financial plans have a hidden agenda to them. They can be glorified ways of selling a product. Because we are fee-only financial advisors in Centennial, and because we are your legal fiduciaries, our only agenda is to work in your best interest.We believe that financial plans are an excellent tool to help us deliver our best advice. It is a great way to get to know you and thereby help us serve you and fulfill our fiduciary duty to you.

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