Tax Planning

Small Mistakes, Large Costs

When it comes to taxes, small mistakes can be very costly. Over the years we have seen people lose thousands through very innocent and even logical decisions. We firmly believe that clients are best served when their various professionals are in communication with one another.

A Community of Advisors

Everyone is looking to minimize their taxes.

As your legal fiduciary, we believe it’s important to be in touch with your tax advisor for the joint purpose of reducing your taxes when possible.

At times, the most efficient tax decision is not always the most prudent investment decision.

As a general rule, we believe that it’s not wise to let the tax tail wag the investment dog.

Because of this, we find it’s important to be in ongoing contact with your tax advisor to help balance all considerations.

Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of your financial plan are working together as they should. If you don’t have these advisors, we have many trusted connections and can recommend a professional for you.

Complimentary to our Financial Advising Services

Because we value communication with outside professionals, we will often join our clients at meetings to ensure cohesion. We do this complimentary to our advisory services.

Responsive and Proactive

During tax season we get a lot of last minute calls, “I’m sitting in front of my tax advisor, can you send this document right now.” We work hard to accommodate these requests and tend to keep our calendars open just before tax deadlines.Beyond this, we also seek to present proactive ideas to save money in the future. 

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