Retirement Income Planning

Common Retirement Financial Fears and How to Overcome Them

One of people’s worst fears is running out of money. This is particularly true when you aren’t getting more of it,such as when you’ve retired. A retirement income plan is a key tool to help you mitigate that risk. A retirement income plan tells you how much you can safely take out of your investments. It can also help you make calm rational decisions when the stock market is behaving irrationally.

It Starts with a Picture

Investment and Retirement Planning Advisors in Denver

Have you ever tried to put together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture?

To us a retirement income plan is that picture. It gives both the client and the advisor a mutual picture and aim.

In our work with you, we see the creation of your retirement income plan as the beginning of a lifelong conversation. Initially, by creating this plan we can get to know each other and how we see things. The plan is a way for everyone to be looking at the same goals and objectives.

An Ongoing Process

As time goes on, life happens. If the stock market goes down 50%, how does this affect your goals? Should you change your investments? Should you reduce how much income you are taking? Unpredictable and unforeseen challenges always arise. By having the core structure in place, it allows us to pivot and make any necessary changes.

As a trusted retirement tax planning advisor, we are the investment and retirement planning advisors have developed and refined a process that maps out your journey and guides you along the path toward your goals, recalibrating along the way as your life unfolds and your needs evolve. We call it the P.A.T.H. Process.

Working Fiduciary Advisor

We have found that often retirement income plans have a hidden agenda to them. They can be elaborate ways to try to sell you something. Because we are a fee-only Retirement income planning advisor in Denver, and because we are your legal fiduciaries, our only agenda is to work in your best interest.

Are you searching for a Denver retirement planning advisor? You can contact us to get reliable solutions at competitive prices. We believe that retirement income plans are an excellent tool to help us deliver our best advice. It is a great way to get to know you and thereby help us serve you.

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