Portfolio Management

Disciplined and Commission Free

Everything we do for you has a process, especially when it comes to managing investments. This disciplined process involves constantly evaluating the global economic landscape, how this effects your investments, and making any necessary changes to pursue your goals.

Because we are fee-only financial advisors, you do not pay commissions or trading fees as we manage your account. Our goal is purely to make you happy by guiding you along your path with an excellent experience along the way. Much like a mountaineering guide, our advice is proactive. If you are heading for a cliff, a guide stops you before it happens rather than reacting after it happens.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Each month, on the first trading day of the month, we review your positions and overall investment mix.

Based on your individual risk level and goals, we will make any changes that we feel are necessary in the pursuit of your goals.

For some folks these goals are around growth and for others they are around preservation.

Whatever the objective, our money management is always goal-based and bound primarily by your unique risk level.

In our experience, this is considerably more active than most advisors. For many accounts we come across, there has been very little “management” with the account itself, often for years. New clients tell us that typically investment changes are made when they reach out to the advisor rather than the other way around. Unfortunately, money management can often be reactive versus proactive.

Transparent Advice

In the financial services industry, so much is stacked against the consumer. Important details can be buried in legalese. At times there are hidden fees, commissions, backdoor payments, and generally not putting your interest first.

The world is complicated. It’s not realistic that a consumer would constantly monitor the global markets or have the same level of experience as advisors who constantly see folks at every stage of life. To us, the better alternative is to hire someone who has the experience and knowledge, who is legally bound to operate in your interest. This is what’s called a fiduciary.

As your fiduciary, transparency is not only our duty, but our delight. Our fee-only costs are always completely transparent and disclosed to you in plain English on a quarterly basis. When everything is transparent and in plain sight, it helps you make the most informed decisions.

Giving You The Power And Control

Often we bring on new clients who have been put in high commission products they can’t get out of. In our portfolio management, we focus on fully liquid investments. This means that in most cases, clients could go 100% to cash at a moment’s notice without paying any costs, trading fees, surrender penalties, or early redemption fees.

Because we only offer fee-only portfolio management, the combination of these things puts you in a powerful position. You pay as you go along.You can stop at any point or change your investment strategy at any point. You only stay with us if you want to stay. This puts you in a powerful position as our incentive is to keep you happy through excellent management and service.

Part of this P.A.T.H. Process experience is providing tailored solutions rather than a cookie cutter approach. Life changes and your portfolio should be ready to change along with it. The way we do this is through our innovative risk management process which starts with the GreenStar Risk Rater tool. This tool shows you how you see the world and how you approach risk. Rather than a dry exercise, this is a fun and thought provoking process.

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