How To Use Technology to Monitor Retirement Accounts

How To Use Technology to Monitor Retirement Accounts

There was a time when you had to place a call to your retirement planning advisor or go into the bank to get information on your retirement savings accounts. You may have had to write formal letters of request to get a financial update. Otherwise, you could just wait until your statement showed up in the mail to see how your retirement accounts were doing.

Our world of instant knowledge at our fingertips makes such a scenario hard to even imagine anymore. But few options existed not that long ago. Now, with volatile markets and changing times, the inability to access immediate updates on stocks is downright nerve-wracking.

Normal Volatility

The market swings wildly up and down and has done for over a hundred years. Although it mostly moves upward, and recently we’ve seen record highs, dramatic dips happen. Occasionally, these dips stir fear and trembling into the heart of investors.

Your retirement planning advisor may recommend a more restrained approach to monitor your portfolios to avoid emotional decisions. Except when your portfolio includes individual stocks, which warrant checking more frequently. Checking your accounts too frequently can support the bad habit of using your emotions to make investment decisions.

Retirement Plan

Connecting with a retirement planning advisor is an excellent way to maintain your perspective and gain a better-informed view of the market. Once you retire, knowing exactly how your retirement accounts are doing is always critical.

How to Monitor Retirement Accounts

Your retirement planning advisor can best advise you on how to monitor your specific accounts. Each type of account on each investment platform has a specific method to access the information you need.

Online Apps

The Internet offers financial tools and apps you can use to monitor finances and retirement accounts. You can download budgeting apps onto your phone to implement strategies to eliminate debt, check your credit rating, and view your retirement accounts.

You will probably need to link your bank and credit data, which is safe with a reputable app using strict security measures. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before using any financial or banking apps.


An easy but slightly old-fashioned tool is a spreadsheet. They give you the ability to track investments, as well as income and expenses. Excel and Google Sheets offer free budget templates.

Online Banking

Banks and credit unions have free online services, so you can do most of your banking on a computer or phone. Get ongoing updates on your checking, savings, and retirement accounts via push notifications or email. Also, view the transaction history for several months to see how your budget and saving plans progress.

Retirement Accounts

Combining Finances and Technology for Fintech

The financial and technology industries are streamlining and accelerating service delivery options to clients. As the trend to merge the financial sector with emerging technologies evolves, innovations foster financial literacy and enhanced banking and investing options.

Your retirement planning advisor monitors the developments in fintech to empower you with powerful technology to help monitor your retirement accounts.

Fintech and other tech innovations increasingly become permanent fixtures in the financial lives of retirement-focused investors. The implementation and integration of these innovative tools make monitoring retirement accounts more straightforward and manageable. Contact your retirement planning advisor today to set up your system to monitor your accounts.