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Financial Planning

Our passion is to help people from all walks of life find their own vision for wealth. This may mean living a work-optional lifestyle, early retirement, or philanthropy. We must define what true wealth looks like for you. Putting a plan in place to help you pursue your vision, and then helping you maintain what you’ve achieved. Our financial advisors will design a plan to evaluate your current financial situation and direct you toward financial freedom through our P.A.T.H. Process.


Portfolio Management

Our disciplined time-tested investment process provides you with the proactive management you need to pursue your goals. So often portfolios are neglected and folks can feel they’ve been orphaned by those meant to advise them. Our ongoing process ensures that someone is always measuring and monitoring your investments against your risk level and goals, and making changes to keep everything in-line.


Risk Assessment

When you are younger, you see risk differently. Your feelings toward risk change with age. Through our innovative GreenStar Risk Rater tool you gain a deep self-awareness of how you see the world and how you approach risk. Rather than a dry exercise, this is a fun process of discovery through the answering of deep questions and riddles.


Fiduciary Financial Advisor

When you hire a fee-only fiduciary, you are hiring someone bound to work for your best interest. It is like hiring an expert extension of yourself. You may be surprised to find out the difference between the Fiduciary Standard and Suitability Standard.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is like a seatbelt. It’s important to always have it in place because when you desperately need it, it’s already too late. We pride ourselves in thinking long term. The thinking extends to multiple generations and helping clients navigate family decisions.


Retirement Income Planning

The best time to do retirement income planning was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. We’re here to help you avoid your own personal retirement crisis by putting a retirement income plan into concrete terms. We have found that the worst fear is running out of money in retirement. A retirement income plan helps you look down the path of your life to make wise decisions today.


Tax Planning

Tax mistakes can be very costly. They can be easy to make and easy to avoid. We work with CPAs and tax professionals to help you identify potential savings or restructuring opportunities, giving you proactive ideas to save money in the future.


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