Estate Planning


Estate planning is like a seatbelt. It must always be in place because when you desperately need it, it’s too late.While there are some people who don’t have any estate plan in place, even if you do have one, they become more and more out-of-date as time goes on.

As your financial advisors, we see that we have anintegral role in helping our clients with their estate planning. At times, we can serve the function of anti-procrastinators, holding folks accountable to staying on top this sometimes depressing chore. We will help you align your estate plan with your financial plan.

This may be a beneficiary review, creating an asset list, retitling accounts, or counselling you through what you want from your estate. We’ll help you address commonly overlooked items that can create significant risks and complications for your loved ones.

The Costs of Poor Estate Planning

Unfortunately, money doesn’t always bring out the best in people.
As veterans of financial advising, we have seen families ripped apart because of estate disputes.
Each time, clients express to us, “Oh, if only Mom and Dad could have seen this.”

On the other hand, we have seen very efficient estate plans.
Excellent plans leave the heirs at peace with one another and with a sense of gratefulness. Some heirs have expressed amazement to us that their parents had thought of everything and planned so well.

We want to minimize your estate’s administrative burden and maximize the value distributed to your loved ones and the organizations you cherish. It is our hope that with proper estate planning, it helps your family draw closer together and that this closeness is part of your legacy.

Your Legacy,Beyond Assets

Your legacy is so much more than your assets. It’s about your values, your worldview, and the memories that carry on. Your estate plan should be a reflection of what you want to leave behind from both a financial and legacy perspective.

We are here to help you make clear decisions about what you want to leave behind and how you wish your assets to be distributed. We will work with any of your outside professionals to formalize your wishes.

Your Advisory Team

We work with any other professionals that advise you at no additional cost. If you don’t already have these advisors, we have many trusted connections and can recommend a professional for you.

We make it a point to be involved in the estate planning process from the start. We will usually go to the estate planning meetings (especially the initial one) so that everyone is on the same page. This service is complimentary for our advisory clients.

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