Open Your Eyes: A List of Exciting Things

Open Your Eyes: A List of Exciting Things

I’m an arduous follower of developments in technology and the projections of futurists. There’s an amazing world emerging and radical changes are happening exponentially quickly. There are companies developing technologies that will take the world by storm and create entire industries and legions of jobs and revenue (all good things for those who invest in the great companies of the world).

Not only this, but there is an army of consumers that are springing onto the world stage. Consider for a moment how rapidly things have changed:
1. In 1980 there were 300 million middle class people in the world. Today there are 2 billion. By 2025 there will be about 3.6 billion. The world is exploding with new consumers (who, to make sure we connect our dots here are consumers of products sold by companies who have an open and ongoing invitation to purchase partial ownership in – otherwise known as stock).
2. In 2004, one of America’s largest auto manufacturer sold 1 out of 10 cars in China. Today it is 5 out of 10.
3. 80% of Americans own a car. Only 20% of Brazillians do.
4. 90% of Americans own a cell phone. 30% of Indians do (leaving room for hundreds of millions of potential cell phone users).
Source: Nick Murray Newsletter December 2012

This list of global economic and consumer trends could go on, but I think you get the idea. What’s more is that the growth of the middle class is unlikely to stop at 3.6 billion. As communication and infrastructure explode among the poorest of the people of the earth, it is catapulting them out of poverty. Technology will continue to expand this.

The good news is that with many of these trends, there is an ongoing open public invitation of ownership in the form of stock. The world is rampant with amazing ideas and rather than envying them from the sidelines, it is well within your reach to partake in the success of humanity. I simply see no rational reason for a dreary look on the future.

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