A Retirement Planning Advisor Reveals the 3 Secrets of Financial Choices

A Retirement Planning Advisor Reveals the 3 Secrets of Financial Choices

3 Secrets of Financial Choices

Every day you face thousands and thousands of choices about everything! The average American makes more than 35,000 choices a day! So, how do you know if you are making good financial choices? Do you have to question every cup of coffee you buy in the morning at Starbucks? Or wonder if a new, reliable vehicle to get to work is a reasonable financial choice? This advice from a retirement planning advisor on financial choices can make these issues much clearer so that you can feel less stressed!

Many daily decisions happen on a sort of mental autopilot. Are the financial choices you make automatic, or are they moving you toward the future you want?  A healthy relationship with financial choices is the first step to financial stability for your future.

3 Secrets of Financial Choices

Best Advice from a retirement planning advisor

Money makes the world go around! There is certainly nothing new about that. But it is surprising how the 3 secrets of financial choices still remain a mystery to so many. And even people who know the secrets have a lot of trouble implementing them!

  • Secret #1 SAVE – Start saving early. Never stop saving. Consistent saving over the long term is ideal. Take professional advice from a retirement planning advisor to make sure you have long-term savings for the future. And keep enough cash in short term savings accounts to see you through any emergencies, without using your credit, as much as possible.
  • Secret #2 PLAN – Act intentionally. Spend and save on purpose. Make a financial plan and follow it. This does include writing up a budget. Look at what you make and what you spend. Compare the two and make a plan for spending and saving. Savings don’t happen by accident, ever. To have a stable financial future, you must do so on purpose.
  • Secret # 3 SPEND LESS THAN YOU MAKE – Period. If you succumb to creating unsecured debt, you say goodbye to a secure retirement in the future. While putting something on your credit card this month and paying it off next is convenient, carrying a balance will undermine your financial security. Credit card interest rates will steal your financial future away!

Money won’t make you happy, but the lack of it can sure make you miserable! Consider money a tool to enhance your situation to support your happiness.

Financial Stability

No magic potion provides you with the answer about what to do with your money. You could spend hours searching all over the internet, trying to find a guru with a super idea designed to gain instant wealth. This illusion of get-rich-quick solutions entices many Americans. The concept, at least, is hard to resist.

But although every person’s financial situation is different, there are reliable routes to gain personal wealth! When you make consistent, disciplined choices with your money, you can save for your future while enjoying today.

The best advice from a retirement planning advisor is saving, planning, and spending less than you make. These three concepts help move you along the route to financial stability.